Hillcrest supports All Nations partners in a number of countries around the world, both financially and with prayer support.

Contact Pastor Eric by email to learn how you can support and serve these partners.


Partners teach children in a variety of classes from 7th grade, to physical and music education, to global studies, at Academia La Providencia. Hillcrest’s Honduran Orphan Partnership sponsors some of the children attending and living at La Providencia, an Orphan Care Community.


Partners focus on church-based leadership training in order to help Poles plant Polish churches.


Partners share the Gospel through internet-based outreach, English conversation groups, tract distribution and friendship evangelism. They also hold Bible studies.

Puerto Rico

A single partner ministers to women by teaching ladies’ Sunday School, individual discipleship classes and visitation. She also serves children through a weekly Bible club, Children’s church and VBS programs.

Southeast Asia

Partners are just going to this area preparing to serve an unreached people group needing the gospel. They first will study language and culture.


The Nehemiah project ministers to the persecuted church in a small African country by supporting families of imprisoned pastors and other persecuted Christians who have no means of support. They also help provide Bibles that are suitable for underground church in this persecuted country.


These partners assist churches in Southern Wisconsin in reaching kids with the Gospel through Bible stories, Scripture memorization and games. They also train AWANA leaders and coordinate events through the region.

Campus Crusade

A single partner ministers in 13 campuses in the Twin Cities metro area through Bible studies, individual discipleship and evangelism. Another partner couple also head up the ministry at UW-Madison through evangelism, discipleship, Bible studies and a weekly gathering called Prime Time.


Partners are currently studying Spanish and finding opportunities to share Christ’s love and message with neighbors who are immigrants from Northern Africa. They also train people to work with this people group.

Word of Life

Partners serving in Southeast Florida where they assist local churches with youth ministries through Bible studies, scripture memory programs, personal devotional books and Christian service programs. They are also involved through outreach events in the community.

New Tribes Mission

Our New Tribes partners care for and serve retired missionaries through daily visits, weekly chapel services, monthly prayer days and quarterly communion. They assist with practical needs such as transportation and assist families as they care for these loved ones who served God on the mission field.


These partners record the Gospel and basic Christian teaching materials for small unreached people groups in their own language as many of these people cannot read or do not have these materials written down. They build relationships with local people, identify translators, prepare scripts, and record, edit and distribute the recordings throughout small villages in Thailand, Cambodia and beyond.


Partners work with church planters to build healthy and dynamic churches that are not based on tradition. Through his book he helps pastors and church leaders covering many aspects of theology and church leadership. His wife coordinates Christian resources to be used in homes and churches, helping these women to become better wives and mothers.