December 2016 Meeting in Review

Ladies! December seems to get crazier and crazier the older I get. These days I'm feeling it. When life gets chock-full of crazy, I find myself acting a little crazy too. It makes me feel like my parenting skills are lacking, big time. That is definitely not what I want for the month of December. One of the things I do to combat this nonsense is shop for Christmas presents on Amazon and *BOOM* high stress level diverted. This month's topic of Becoming a Confident Parent addresses some of the most simple things we can do as moms to love our kids and feed their little souls. Some of these ideas are no-brainers, while others I can struggle with. I am going to list the "gifts" below for reflection:

  1. Give them safety and security
  2. Give them love
  3. Give them attention
  4. Give them space
  5. Give them an example
  6. Give them direction
  7. Give them boundaries
  8. Give them responsibility
  9. Give them discipline
  10. Give them Biblical instruction

Which of these do you struggle with the most? Under Love, I wrote "accept them for who they are". Do you know that some of my kids I accept for who they are and others I try to shape who I want them to in personality? The child that defies me the most I try to push into a mold that is more comfortable to me. These words made me pause and really reflect on the way I love this child. Don't let the craziness of the holidays overshadow what's really important.