Recommended Websites

MOPS International

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Fitchburg Fields

Power of Moms

Finding Balance - Busy Mom Series

Todays Christian Woman

Courage to be Significant

The Unveiled Wife - This link will take you to information about the book "The Unveiled Wife" by Jennifer Smith, however she does post things quite often on Facebook under the name Unveiled Wife. Her blog can be found here.

Here is an article on the Power of Moms website that talks about just this and gives a format for moms to create their own mission statement.

Here is another article from their website that is similar. It's about "beginning with the end in mind" and goes through an activity for moms to write down what they want their kids to say about them (mom) in the future (eulogy-type) that helps shape intentions and purpose today as mothers.

Courage to Share Your Gifts

Five Love Languages - includes free gifts testing

Spiritual gifts test - free versions available online

Courage to Talk About Finances - lots of stories, advice, links to materials/budgets, his radio show, and ways to sign up for his Financial Peace University 9-week class. - link to a few free budget forms that people can print out and use.

Courage to Forget Comparisons

Messages on the topic

Andy Stanley - Pastor of Northpoint

Video Series for Comparison topic


eBook about Easter/Resurrection

A great Easter Online Bible Study

Easter Poem Print-ables for Preschoolers

Embracing Preschool Challenges

Picky Eaters

These two blogs have a lot of ideas for involving kids in the kitchen.

This one actually has a q&a regarding an ebook written by the author of the blog above.

The author of the first blog above also writes for a health food company, the link below was an interesting read.

Here are some more blogs/posts that I use for inspiration...

Author of French Kids Eat Everything Website

Love Languages


Kathi Lipp ( - and book: The Get Yourself Organized Project

The Fly Lady (

Jill Annis from "Simply Organized with Jill" (

How to help your kids clean up after themselves (Click to Open)

Personality Traits

Take the Personality Plus personality quiz online here.

The MOPS International website references Kathi Lipp who also has a book entitled 21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids. Kathi Lipp has a website and online quiz to help you determine a little more about your child(ren)’s personalities.  She does not call the four personality types by the same names as  Florence Littauer, however there is some helpful information provided.  Her quiz is a little better for school age children, however another great resource.  Find her information here.